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''There is no one who loves pain itself...''

no breath, no life

No breath No life

Breathing is a process that we rarely give any thought to. Our whole life is entirely...

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what is mantra

What is mantra

The power of mantra and subtle sound frequencies has been known and used down through...

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what is nadi

Nadi: Introduction

Nadis are pathways of pranic, mental and spiritual currents, which form a matrix throughout...

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yogic breathing

Yogic breathing

Man should also live a harmonized, tuned in life, but unfortunately this is rarely the ca...

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what is fasting

Cleanse body & mind

Fasting is a great yogic cleansing process that helps to eliminate toxic matters

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why mental problems

Why mental problems

Live in present, release mental problems

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cooking yoga in Nepal

Cooking in Nepal

Shree yoga retreat in Nepal has collected different Nepali recipes, name of Nepali...

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Popular yoga courses in Nepal

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Nagarkot yoga trek in Nepal

Nagarkot yoga trek

Experience panoramic yoga

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Detox yoga in Nepal

Detox yoga retreat

Flush out impurities

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Model yoga retreat

Model yoga retreat

Experience a sanctuary of peace and love

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mind and body cleanse yoga

Mind & Body Cleanse

Learn to apply principle of Yoga

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Sunrise yoga in Nepal

Sunrise yoga

Rise to feel alive with rising sun

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Hiking yoga in Nepal

Yoga hike

Invigorating trail hiking with yoga

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Classical yoga in Nepal

Classical hatha yoga

Bring peace to the body & mind

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Travel yoga in Nepal

Travel yoga & meditation

Integrate Yoga-Meditation into daily life

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