Release mental problems

Popular yoga courses in Nepal

''There is no one who loves pain itself...''

Nagarkot yoga trek in Nepal

Nagarkot yoga trek

Nagarkot panoramic yoga hike course is intended for those who want to explore the typical loc...

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detox yoga in Nepal

Natural cleansing & detox

This program is intended to cleanse and heal the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine...

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Model yoga in Nepal

Model yoga & meditation

It’s our true nature to be healthy, balanced and happy. During this retreat you learn how yoga,...

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mind and body cleanse yoga

Mind & Body Cleanse

Our purpose is to guide our students toward health, fitness, well-being, self-awaren...

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Sunrise yoga in Nepal

Sunrise yoga

Being absorbed in the beauty of the Sun rising in the morning one can feel at peace instantly....

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yoga hike in Nepal

Yoga hike

What's more, it's a form of holistic multi-tasking that allows you to savor nature as yo...

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classical hatha yoga

Classical hatha yoga

If you are looking for learning Hatha yoga in its full depth and dimension then this 5 days...

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Travel yog in Nepal

Travel yoga & meditation

For those who have found challenges within themselves to be worked on for greater happiness in...

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