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''There is no one who loves pain itself...''

bow pose

Bow pose

Dhanurasana making your heart, kidneys and endocrine systems healthy...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama

Nadi shodhana pranayama

The Sanskrit word nadi means 'psychic passage' or specific pathway'...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama II

Nadi shodhana, stage-II

Nadi shodhana stage II should follow directly after stage I. They should b...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama advance

Nadi shodhana, II advanced

The essential requirement of nadi shodhana is slow, deep and rhythmi...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama III

Nadi shodhana, stage III

Do stage I of nadi shodhana. A few minutes practice through each nostri...

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what is guru

What is Guru

The Sanskrit word guru means 'remover of darkness and ignorance'. It i...

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what is chakra

Introduction to Chakra

Chakra is the pranic centre within the human framework. In each per...

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Popular yoga courses in Nepal

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Nagarkot yoga trek in Nepal

Nagarkot yoga trek

Experience panoramic yoga

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Detox yoga in Nepal

Detox yoga retreat

Flush out impurities

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Model yoga retreat

Model yoga retreat

Experience a sanctuary of peace and love

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mind and body cleanse yoga

Mind & Body Cleanse

Learn to apply principle of Yoga

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Sunrise yoga in Nepal

Sunrise yoga

Rise to feel alive with rising sun

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Hiking yoga in Nepal

Yoga hike

Invigorating trail hiking with yoga

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classical hatha yoga in Nepal

Classical hatha yoga

Bring peace to the body & mind

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travel yoga in Nepal


Integrate Yoga-Meditation into daily life

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